Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passwordless login with Putty

There is a very simple way for users having Putty as Terminal emulator through windows platform to login to server directly by double clicking on the shortcut saved on your desktop. What we need to do is to save a shortcut pointing to where putty.exe is saved and providing credentials for a saved session in putty. It can be done in 3 easy steps.
1. Save a session in putty by some name or IP.
2. Create a shortcut of Putty on your Desktop.
3. Edit the shortcut properties for Target as given below :
C:\program\putty.exe -l USER -pw PASSWORD -load Session1

Now you can log on to the server by mere Double-Clicking on the shortcut.
However, this tip is for making things convenient, since the credentials are saved in text format just make sure nobody else gets the access to your desktop if you don't wanna make it public.

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