Friday, March 27, 2009

openSUSE Weekly News at (live/podcast)

The RadioTux team will include a summary of Official OpenSUSE Weekly News in their German-speaking podcast “Radiotux@HoRads”. It’s planned to make this a fixed part of the shows. Air date will be 27th March onwards between 18:00 CET and 19:30 CET.
So here are the links - link to RadioTux - link to the podcasts/archive

Customizing Beep on your Linux/Unix Box

I love to play around even when I am working and this draws me towards utilising tools which in actuality have nothingmuch to do with my routine work.

Eat this, I feel like creating my own composition using system beeps. Its really crucial for guys who are into device driver details and RTOS but complete fun for me as I am into Applications. here's the code:

echo -en "\007"


tput bel

These, which i came across, work like charm on all distros. There might be alot more than these two, will update here if I found any.

Yeah, seems like a crap tip, lets get back to work then :) .

Ubuntu 9 to be out Soon

Well when it comes to user friendly Linux first thing which comes to my mind is Ubuntu. I have been following Ubuntu religiously since the start of my career.

There are plenty of features which makes it stand apart from its Cousins which includes a large community backing up to provide every possible application operative on this debian platform, further to that deployment of these are also pretty easy, thanks to Aptitude and Synaptic . I have been running it successfully on HP and Dell laptops in my office, with Wi-LAN working like a charm, which is a bit of screwy when it comes to distributions other than Ubuntu.

Waiting anxiously to get my hands on 9.04

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passwordless login with Putty

There is a very simple way for users having Putty as Terminal emulator through windows platform to login to server directly by double clicking on the shortcut saved on your desktop. What we need to do is to save a shortcut pointing to where putty.exe is saved and providing credentials for a saved session in putty. It can be done in 3 easy steps.
1. Save a session in putty by some name or IP.
2. Create a shortcut of Putty on your Desktop.
3. Edit the shortcut properties for Target as given below :
C:\program\putty.exe -l USER -pw PASSWORD -load Session1

Now you can log on to the server by mere Double-Clicking on the shortcut.
However, this tip is for making things convenient, since the credentials are saved in text format just make sure nobody else gets the access to your desktop if you don't wanna make it public.